Member Profiles | Maggy Francois


We are excited to profile another amazing FGIDC member Maggy Francois this week.  Maggy is definitely a mover and shaker in the DC Metro.  Enjoy!

How did you land at your position?

Majority of us love fashion one way or the other. Many of us know it and some don’t. I never knew my love for passion until my 2nd year in college. People write off fashion as being very materialistic but in reality it is not. We have to wear clothes every single day, it’s a necessity, apart of us and who we are. My parents introduced me to this crazy world of fashion and they didn’t even know it. When I was in college I was really focused on becoming a nurse, and quickly realized that was not the route I wanted to take. I challenged myself and changed my major and from then on, my focus was to build a business that takes dedication, lots of time management and EDUCATE through DESIGN. Being in the fashion industry has allowed me to now grow into film, entertainment and many more opportunities.


“There isn’t ever one time we fail. I still go through at least one failure every year that teaches me a lesson on how to proceed and keep it moving. Failures are my teachable moments.”


Where do you find your inspiration/motivation?

Once upon a time, I posted one of my favorite quotes ” Black women are made of out of brown sugar, honey, cocoa and gold. And the strength of ten thousand moons.” I still do not know how I do it!! I have several mentors who keep me grounded. They are not afraid to point out my mistakes or provide me with advice that helps me stay grounded. It’s not easy and every day is a hustle but when you love what you do it’s inspiring for yourself and others.

Why do you call the DC area home?

When I moved here from NYC, I did not plan to stay but ended up making it a home. I am die hard New Yorker and DC doesn’t exactly have the bright lights of NYC, but it does have a tiny bit of electric energy in the air. It’s a very different kind of energy, of course but it works for the people that live here. Also, it’s a booming area for creatives like me, full of wannabe celebrities in DC than NYC, …sorry I had to say it 🙂 and many more movers and shakers.

What in your career are you most proud of?

Being able to encourage young creatives to pursue their passion is very rewarding. I am that voice that helps make them turn their fashion for passion to life. Many people look at fashion as a fantasy world, but it’s a billion dollar business and why not show our youth how to monetize doing what you love.

Tell us about a time you felt you had failed?

There isn’t ever one time we fail. I still go through at least one failure every year that teaches me a lesson on how to proceed and keep it moving. Failures are my teachable moments.

What do you see as the biggest value of an FGI membership?

FGI is a great support to help building your brand through networking. In addition, FGI meets the needs of the fashion design industry and provides the knowledge and expertise needed.

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Cocktails & Conversations With Creative DC Influencers

On Tuesday, March 21st an amazing group of  creative professionals enjoyed thought provoking conversations at Cocktails & Conversations at Locale Workspace.  FGIDC Director Robin Fisher and the 2017-2018 board greeted all the influencers and guests as they arrived.  The evening’s featured creative influencers included: Monling Lee (2016 Rising Star Winner), Hunt Laudi Studio and Color Index; Virginia Arrisueño, DeNada; Kerra Michele Huerta ( 2016 Rising Star Winner), Apartment Envy, Kerra Michele Interiors, and Bureau; Davin Gentry (2016 Rising Star Winner), Premium Co.; Becky Waddell, Be Clean Shop; Kevin Hallums (2016 Rising Star Winner), Premium Co.. FGIDC members and prospective members enjoyed great music as they sipped their cocktails, and discussed their future plans.

Member Profiles | Lynda Erkiletian

FGIDC is rolling out with member profiles to highlight some of our members who are a part of our chapter. Our first member profile will be on Lynda Erkiletian founder of T.H.E Artist Agency.

How did you land your position?

As founder of T•H•E Artist Agency, I created it. 😉

Where do you find your inspiration/motivation?

Life and THE Universe inspire me. People, Mother Nature, Art, Music, the Moon and Stars.

Every day when I wake up, I am inspired by what surrounds me. As a Virgo, it is my nature to want to improve upon the status quo. My motivation comes from wanting to cultivate growth in myself and in others, wanting things to be better than they are. I find inspiration in paying it forward by helping those in our community.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”  – Rumi

Why do you call the DC area home?

I relocated to the DMV area over 40 years ago. After visiting multiple cities, I found the nature of DC to be uniquely intriguing and felt it was the right fit for me. In addition to the political undercurrent, there was an exciting creative movement flourishing throughout the city. The timing was right to follow my dream of developing a business that would both serve the fashion and beauty industry, as well as encourage creativity and artistic awareness. Timing is everything and home is where the heart is.

What in your career are you most proud of?

I’m proud to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of T•H•E Artist Agency this April. I am grateful to everyone who has made this possible: my bad-ass partner, Elizabeth Centenari; our devoted T•H•E team, the talented artists we represent, our loyal clients, and a community that celebrates the value of our industry.

Tell us about a time you felt you had failed.

Failure is never an option; a perceived failure is an unparalleled opportunity to grow, which is a great success!

What do you see as the biggest value of an FGI membership?

Networking with the amazing people in our industry, both locally and nationally.


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Cocktails & Conversation | Spring 2017

Cocktails & Conversation – Spring 2017

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Monling Lee

Rising Star Winner

Hunt Laudi Studio, Color Index

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Virginia Arrisueño


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Kerra Michele Huerta

Rising Star Winner

Apartment Envy, Kerra Michele Interiors, Bureau

Founder & Owner

Davin Gentry

Rising Star Winner

Premium Co.


Becky Waddell

Be Clean Shop


Kevin Hallums

Rising Star Winner

Premium Co.

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Locale Workspace

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Washington DC

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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Impact of Trends Spring/Summer 2017

On Tuesday, February 7 2016, The Fashion Group International® of Greater Washington, DC, Inc. (FGIDC) hosted the Impact of Trends Spring/Summer 2017 presentation and business workshop.  The discussion was all about exploring how to keep your business current and competitive while translating and implementing the international runway trends.  Our speakers represented retail (Theresa Watts – Lettie Gooch), Design (Sophie Blake – Sophie Blake NY), and Beauty (Jeff Enriquez – Makeup Machine).  The guests received insider industry knowledge on everything from the process of reviewing and breaking down the shows,  to some of the challenges a creative faces when the market is just not ready for a trend!